Club Competitons

The events team are always looking at new competitions and events and welcome any suggestions from members regarding competitions, themed flying days and events etc.

The Challenge

This event kicks off on January 1st.

It is called ‘The Challenge’ because you could win big points………………..or you could lose a few. It depends on your imagination and a bit of building ‘know-how’.

It’s quite simple really. You let us know if you’re up for it and you get to choose three numbers, by lucky dip. These numbers are from our list of common objects. You then choose the one you prefer. All you have to do is to work out a way to put wings and a power source on it and make it fly under full control. Points awarded for imagination, entertainment value, cleverness and just about anything else that it is worthy of. There is no time limit either.

You can even enter more than once if you want to. You can get someone who is a better pilot to fly it for you if you want to, but you might have to give them a few of your points. You choice. But don’t forget, if you don’t complete the challenge you will have points deducted from your personnal total.

If you want to know more ask one of the events team.

Well,….d’ya feel lucky?

The Chairman’s Trophy

From January 1st 2023 a new club competition is starting. It is a competition that should appeal to those who enjoy building planes and experimenting. It will last until October/November (TBA) and is about original design.

The rules of the competition are simple; Design, then build a ‘flying model’ of any kind without the aid of plans or instructions. Foam, balsa, artist board any material at all. You can even build a ‘Frankenplane’ if you wish from aircraft you’ve crashed in the past. When you have built it you must fly it under full control and perform a few basic manoeuvres. Of course, this should be witnessed by at least one club member and, if possible recorded or photographed. At the end of the competition period all entries will be judged by a panel (to be decided) and a winner selected. The winner will hold the trophy for a year and be awarded a certificate and points (number to be decided) toward the ‘clubman of the year’ competition. Any number of entries are permitted but the emphasis is on original design.

Fun should be regarded as a factor in the design as well as accepted principles of flying. The competition is open to ALL club members and the flight does not have to be done by the builder.


Tucano Build

The Tucano has been chosen for this build competition.

Entrants have until July to complete their model and fly it at the field.

Any construction is permitted except kits. All that is required is that the model looks like a Tucano and can fly. A wingspan of approximately 42 inches or less and made of Balsa, foam board, cardboard or any other material and powered by electric or nitro.

We have a plan available for those who prefer to build from scratch or just use it for reference.

Achievement certificates will be awarded (1st, 2nd & 3rd) as well as a trophy. All entrants will receive points towards the ‘Grand prize’ with the winner receiving 10 points, 2nd place gets 6 points and 3rd place receiving 3 points.

Contact events team for plan.

Get building, good luck.

Parachute Drop

We are looking at adding another competition to the calendar. No date has been set as yet but likely to be midsummer or thereabouts. Small model parachutists have been obtained c/w parachutes and these will be dropped from member’s aeroplanes at a height of no more than 50 feet and nearest the target wins. The method of release is currently being worked out and it will probably be necessary to utilize a spare channel on the transmitter and installing a micro servo. More to follow.

For details about any of the above competitions speak to the events team.