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Another club competition will soon be added to this years calendar. Visit Club Competitions and scroll down to Parachute Drop for more details.

The points table is now up and running and can be found with the Club Events List & Calendar. Points are awarded for competitions and ‘clubmanship’ Current leader is Rob on eleven points. Check it out.

We are in the process of getting together a ‘spares box’ which will be kept handy at the field. It will be for the use of all club members who turn up at the field and find that something needs fixing or they have forgotten something small but important, e.g. wheel collets, clevis rod ends, rubber bands, machine screws and nuts etc, etc, etc. So, please donate any spares you can because it just might be you who needs something one day. Any spare bits and pieces, that mean you don’t have to cancel your day’s flying, are welcome….preferably in envelopes and marked what they are.

Here’s a great idea from a club member. When you can’t make up your mind where to land, just park it in a tree. Simples.

After the March club meeting we switched to the hall for the chuck glider competition. There were eight entrants with a variety of ‘this one will win’ gliders.

Each glider got two attempts and the best distance and flight duration were recorded. The usual rule bending and subterfuge took place, much of it to no avail but, if the rules don’t say you can’t do it, then you can. This principal was warmly embraced particularly by Ian, Sam and Rob.

Not all the gliders performed as desired and one even managed a ‘minus’ distance because it turned round and flew back the way it came plus two metres. The front runners soon showed themselves and after the first round of throws the early leaders were Sam, Mark, David and Rob. Flight times ranged from a quick plummet of .79 of a second to a graceful float of 8.5 seconds. As the rule bending became more intense and heckling increased a breakaway group emerged with the eventual winner being Rob who won by virtue of the fact that his rubber powered glider that he chucked stayed in the air for .15 of a second longer than Ian’s rubber powered glider that he chucked. Ian lodged an objection stating that Rob had wound his up too much but the objection was dismissed because you can’t object just because someone cheats better than you. John was an honourable third.

A good time was had by all and the points awarded to all entrants which will go to the champion of champions competition. Achievement certificates to follow.